Alpha Industries is an American clothing manufacturer founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Initially as a contractor to the United States military, the company grew into an international commercial seller of American military style and fashion apparel. Alpha makes items such as flight jackets and vests, and has made jackets for the military of the United States like the M65 Jacket for over half a century. The jackets are made for men and women, as well as children. Popular models include the MA-1 and CWU-45/P pilot jackets.
Alpha Industries is now a manufacturer of military style apparel with customers ranging from U.S. surplus to stores across Europeand Asia. Alpha now creates replicas of famous military wear as well as casual clothing that is military-inspired. Children’s clothing and accessories are also made by Alpha Industries.

Well it’s almost winter, so everyone always needs a good jacket [laughs].
You can’t really get tired of a bomber jacket or something like that—it’s a classic piece. Bombers are a timeless look, and Alpha Industries has been working on them for a long time. Honestly, I just love bombers, I wish I had more.

I myself have had Alpha Industries jackets before, and I feel like the reason Alpha Industries is relevant in today’s culture is because the youth have brought back the bomber style and aesthetic from the past—those flight jackets. It’s just about time that Alpha—being that they’ve always created and influenced things like bomber jackets—are bringing all of these great pieces to the people.

I think [Alpha Industries] is a brand that’s very respectable to today’s consumer. Being around a long time, they’ve been making quality product like their bombers for a long time—stronger, rugged gear. With a military background, it assures you that you’re dealing with a quality product.

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